Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lodge-apalooza! + a note on our goals

The Project Lodge is an art gallery and music venue dedicated to fostering creative collaborations between music and art. The Project Lodge is a DIY space. That means that everyone has to contribute to making the space a great place to see and hear amazing art. Respecting the space is a very important part of this. Please take care to not disrespect artwork, leave trash behind, or litter outside of the building. We don't want the Project Lodge to be shut down/fined and we really don't want to make our neighbors angry, so please help us make this a positive part of the community. We take pride in being a unique space. With this in mind, you can think of the lodge as more like a friend's house, rather than a nightclub.

We'd like to thank our neighbors for understanding that we are still learning. We are taking steps to be quiet by 10:30pm. We are very sorry if we kept you up late last night. We hope to be better neighbors in the future. Every Sunday we host a "Sunday Brunch Potluck" at 11 am. It would be great to meet you, so bring a friend and something tasty to share and stop on by.

-K & C
The bands were great last night. Pictures from last night's 5 band lodge-apalooza below...

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